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2018 Summer Athlete Program

Take advantage of the summer to develop speed, jumping, and strength.



Dates: May 29 (Tuesday) - August 10 (Friday)

Length: 11 weeks (you may start anytime during the 11 weeks - don't let a late start prevent you from joining)

Location: Front Range Christian School turf field and Path Athletics weight room. 6657 W Ottawa Ave., Littleton, CO 80128

Days: Monday - Friday 

It is reasonable and expected that a camper will miss sessions occasionally. We fully support vacations, other summer activities, and some rest and sleep-in days. While attending 5 days per week is great, a camper can also make improvements attending 2 - 3 days per week. Please do not let the 5 days per week be a reason you do not attend.

Times: We start on the turf field promptly at 9 AM. We will then head inside to the weight room at 9:45. We will complete the workout for the day at 10:30.

Ages: Incoming 4th graders through college

Pricing: $200 per individual. Additional family members $160.


  • Fully automated timing using Brower Timing Systems. We will objectively collect and publish data throughout the summer to gauge progress. We will time and record data in the 20 yard dash, 40 yard dash, and flying 10 yard dash. Accurate records will be kept. Results will be provided to athletes.

  • Drills to improve form and speed.

  • Jumping and throws to improve power output and teach healthy motor patterns for the spine and knees.

  • Strength development using age-appropriate programs.

  • Dynamic flexibility.

  • Sports-specific conditioning for campers who wish to and need to condition for fall sports. This conditioning is based upon scientifically published tests and as such the intensity and volume of the conditioning sessions is carefully controlled. We do not make sessions hard for the sake of them being hard. Workouts will be focused on quality.

  • This is not a Track & Field Camp. Sprint instruction and practice will improve performance in all speed-based sports including, but not limited to, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, softball, and lacrosse.

  • The speed camp is designed for building speed … not endurance.  Athletes will enjoy the “quality instead of quantity” concept of the workouts. Drills typically last only four to five seconds. Running is NOT punishment. Racing is FUN.

Weekly Format:

  • Monday: Turf - acceleration development, explosive throws and jumps. Weights - loaded, explosive push lifts

  • Tuesday: Turf - interval conditioning (per sport), running technique drills. Weights - supportive and assistance lifts

  • Wednesday: Turf - top speed training, explosive throws and jumps. Weights - loaded, explosive pull lifts

  • Thursday: Turf - interval conditioning and running technique drills. Weights - supportive and assistance lifts

  • Friday: r esisted acceleration development, explosive throws and jumps. Weights - loaded, explosive push and pull lifts


  • No sessions on Tuesday July 3 or Thursday July 5

  • We expect campers will be unable to attend during family vacations and the like throughout the summer. We planned this when we determined pricing. Therefore, there are no refunds for missed sessions. We will provide refunds if the camper cannot attend a significant portion of the summer due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

  • In the case of inclement weather, we will spend the entire session in the Path Athletics weight room.